Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Give a Gift and the Gospel to a Child this Christmas with Angel Tree

Our Family at Praise 96.3 FM would like to thank everyone who helped during our drive for Prison Fellowship Angel Tree.  We will be helping to raise money to give a Gift and the Gospel to children of prisoners.

Some of the most forgotten children, in our country, are the children of prisoners.  Many of these children have parents who are both incarcerated.  The children may live with elderly grandparents or in a foster home with may other children.

This is your opportunity to make sure that the child of a prisoner gets a Christmas gift and the gift of the Gospel from a local church.  Stay tuned into Praise 96.3 and listen for your chance to give.  Your gift of $25.00 will make sure 2 children are helped, $50.00 helps 4 and $100.00 helps 8.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to give a true gift of love to a child this Christmas.


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