Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Laura West and Friends Show

Laura West

Laura West is a woman who wears many hats. Some include dedicated wife, mother, speaker, Christian Author, comedian and now… radio talk show host!.  Any one of these hats would be enough to keep any woman’s plate full but it doesn’t stop Laura from fulfilling the calling God has placed on her life. For years Laura has been traveling around the United States bringing laughter and encouragement to audiences of all ages. Her testimony and unique brand of clean comedy is a must have for any special event, church service or women’s retreat.

Laura’s journey began when her and her husband began taking in medically fragile foster children. God brought them Maleka.  Maleka was born blind and addicted to heroin. At age 15 months she was scalded in a tub of hot water while in the care of her birth mother. These events, while tragic and painful, have become a platform for her ministry. Through her daughter Maleka’s story,  Laura has been able to present an example of God’s amazing grace and love as well as show that all people have value in the eye’s of their Creator.

Laura truly believes that “laughter is good like medicine.” She teaches how to have humor even in the darkest days. You will walk away feeling blessed and having confidence that no matter what you’re facing God is right there with you.



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